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S6 BLENDING - Firm double-sided brush for blending eyeshadow and eye pencils. this brush helps create an effortless smoky eye or shaded winged eyeliner with just a few strokes. Each Sexy Makeup Brush is produced using highest quality synthetic fibers. Each bristle in the brush imitates the structure of natural hairs. Sexy Makeup Brushes gently take the product and distribute evenly onto the skin for a quality airy application without spots or streaks. For me, one of the major advantages of Romanovamakeup synthetic brushes is that they do not shed. Securely attached bristles make these brushes a must have for cream texture lovers like me. Now every woman can master quick and perfect makeup!

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15.04.2021 11:10:29
Кисти отличного качества.. со своей работой справляются на все 100% ,работать ими одно удовольствие..
Екатерина Гульба
15.03.2021 18:06:42
Давно искали кисть для растушевки. Этот подошёл идеально!
Маргарита Исаичкина
27.01.2021 15:22:35
Мне очень понравилась косметика.  Поначалу думала не справлюсь с тенями, но с кисточкой все получилось просто все супер!
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