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International shipping

The cost of international delivery is 2000 rubles. international shipping is available at checkout. our managers will contact you for further details.

delivery in moscow

To ensure prompt delivery, we work with several courier services.
When ordering, you can find the approximate time of delivery.
The courier delivery period in moscow averages 1 day (we will deliver the next day, if the order is placed before 5 pm), but this may vary depending on the workload.
On weekdays we deliver from 10.00 to 18.00 (time interval 4 hours), there is also an evening delivery from 18.00 to 21.00 (at the standard rate).
For moscow ring road delivery is carried out within 1-3 business days from 10.00 to 18.00 (no interval of time, there is no evening delivery outside mkad).
On saturday, delivery is from 10.00 to 18.00 (no time interval), no delivery outside mkad.

On sunday delivery is not carried out.
The cost of delivery in moscow within the moscow ring road is 270 rubles.

Free shipping on orders over 4500 rubles within the moscow ring road.

Shipping cost outside mkad is 270 rubles + 50 rubles for each 5 km.

delivery in russia and countries of the customs union

To provide the highest possible level of service and ensure the necessary speed of delivery even to the most remote regions of russia, we have chosen as partners the following courier services: dpd, pickpoint postamats and russian post.
The cost and time of delivery are calculated during the checkout process, depending on the region and the weight of the shipment. each shipment is assigned a tracking number, and you can always specify where your order is located. if for some reason you have not received your order number or cannot find it, please contact us by phone 8 (800) 550 48 41 or whatsapp +7 (925) 075-73-65.

Payments for international orders are only available with credit cards, issued by Russian banks. Unfortunately, payments with any other credit cards are temporarily suspended.

Due to the restrictions of VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB payment systems in Russian Federation, from March 10 payments will be only available with bank cards issued in the Russian Federation.

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