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Шёлковые ресницы Classy Silk Lashes TATI
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Classy Silk Lashes

1190 ₽
SILK LASHES - a collection of silk false eyelashes made out of ultra-thin synthetic fiber. These lashes have a thin flexible black ribbon band that fits closely onto the eyelid and makes the eyes more defined. Each design in this collection will help you achieve a desired volume and length, and your makeup will still look elegant because each ultra-thin eyelash imitates the structure of a natural eyelash - lashes taper down at the tip like a needle. Easy to use, Romanovamakeup silk lashes make any makeup look special and at the same time, it is perfect for everyday wear. The ribbon base has become even more refined and flexible. The eyelashes have become lighter and more comfortable. Easy to use, turn any makeup into a special one. What else you need to know: Vegan eyelashes made of high-quality synthetics are not tested on animals. With careful handling, they can be used repeatedly.


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Невероятные лёгкие и удобные в использовании реснички! На глазках выглядят очень натурально! Легко чистятся от остатков клея.

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