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Cluster Lashes Series F (60 pcs)

about 5.62 $

Cluster Lashes Series F. This is a classic series of clusters. Each cluster consists of 10 individual 0.1 mm thick lashes. The individual lashes in this series have a strong curve, that visually "opens up" the eyes and creates the effect of elongated and curled lashes. The signature flat base used instead of the usual knot ensures a smooth merging with the natural eyelash line and does not spin around its axis. F-SHORT Length 8 mm

About brand
Romanovamakeup - cosmetics that emphasize your unique beauty, given to you by nature! Incredibly comfortable textures, universal shades, ease of use, durability and professional quality will make you fall in love from the first use of any brand product. The brand has gained confidence among all the top professional makeup artists in Russia, and thanks to its convenience of use, acquires great popularity in Russia and abroad. Each new Romanovamakeup product reflects current makeup trends and becomes an absolute bestseller.
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Пучки великолепные. Длина 8 мм. Мои ресницы оказались длиннее, эффект натуральности получился просто классным! Целый день мне делали комплименты, но никому не сказала про пучки и никто ничего не заметил ! Клей использовала Андреа. Мои очень чувствительные глаза вообще никак не отреагировали. Я очень довольна!
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