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Cluster Lashes Series M (120 pcs)

Cluster Lashes Series M - is a premium series of eyelash bundles clusters. Each cluster consists of 20 ultrathin (only 0.07 mm in diameter) lashes on a thin flat base. In its structure, the lashes imitate the shape of a natural eyelash, sharpening to the tip like a needle. The curve is very natural. Using the individual lashes from this series will help you create a noticeable effect of increased volume and natural extension. The set M-MIX includes cluster lashes M-SHORT - 8 mm (20 pcs), M-MEDIUM - 10 mm (50 pcs), M-LONG - 12 mm (50 pcs).
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Прекрасные пучки, очень стойкие (держатся до 10 дней у меня), смотрятся очень естественно! Удобны в использовании. Мне они однозначно заменили наращивание.
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