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Lipstick should not only smoothly paint the lips and care for the skin, but it should also hide the flaws in appearance. And these temporary flaws in a woman, especially a young mother, can be enough: it's notorious dark circles under the eyes due to sleepless nights, and imperfect skin tone due to the hormonal changes of the body. We have already talked about what lipsticks are and how to use them correctly. It's time to learn the secrets of how to choose the perfect lipstick shade. About this "Letidor" talked with Olga Romanova, a celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert on the show "Rogov. Studio 24" on STS TV-channel, founder of the first Russian brand of decorative cosmetics and false eyelashes Romanovamakeup. "In general, I believe that there are no inappropriate shades. Simply, there are nuances that you should definitely pay attention to when choosing a shade of lipstick." Tip #1: be especially careful when choosing a shade of lipstick if you have dark circles under your eyes. Girls with pronounced dark circles and bags under the eyes should avoid all shades of gray, brown and brick. Such lipstick will only reinforce this disadvantage. If you are familiar with this problem, give preference to shades without such pigments. Or, if it is possible, qualitatively (but at the same time not making the skin heavier) cover the circles and bags under the eyes with the concealer. Tip #2: discard the lipstick with hints of gray, brown and brick if your teeth are not white enough. Unfortunately, the complexity of these shades is not limited to dark circles under the eyes. They also do not like yellowish teeth. We must always remember that lipstick not only emphasizes your lips but with active facial expressions, it draws extra attention to your teeth. If you do not want to focus on teeth, you should prefer cold neutral shades. The remaining tones will only emphasize all the imperfections of the color of your teeth. Tip #3: girls with problem skin should pay attention to the cold nude shades. All lipsticks that contain red, maroon, pink and brick pigments are not recommended for girls who have pronounced couperosis or skin with acne or inflammations. If you are familiar with the problem with the whites of the eyes (they are constantly red), these shades will visually make your eyes even more tired. In these cases, you should give preference to cold nude shades of lipstick. Tip #4: forget about brown and gray tones if you want to look younger. With regard to anti-aging makeup, I advise you to use a refreshing nude range without shades of brown and gray. Remember, brown and gray shades do not refresh and rejuvenate, but on the contrary, give age. It is better to give preference to peach, caramel-peach, caramel, pale pink and beige-pink tones, but without hints of brown. It is important! Press archive Products on the photo: Tint lip balm, Caudalie; matte lipstick, Kat Von D; moisturizing gloss lip balm Chubby Plump & amp; Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss, Clinique; Volupte Liquid Color Balm, Yves Saint Laurent; ARTISTRY STUDIO ™ Liquid Lipstick; Sexy Lipstick Pen, Jane Iredale; resistant lip gloss, Marc Jacobs Beauty; Mat Magic Lip Cream, Eveline; Tint for lips and cheeks, Erborian; Intense Lip Color, Ciel; liquid lipstick, Huda Beauty; Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet, Romanovamakeup. Tip #5: choose the appropriate texture of the lipstick. Bright glossy textures are more appropriate at professional photo shoots and social events. In daily makeup, they do not always look good. The same applies to lipsticks with colored glitters with a bright and saturated pigment. These lipsticks should be treated with special caution by women who have already faced the fact that the contour of the lips is spreading due to wrinkles. In anti-aging makeup, I advise you to use pencils for lip contour. By topic: How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. They will support the contour of the lips and prevent the spread of lipstick on wrinkles. Keep in mind that the classic cream lipstick, which often smudges, also love the ideal conditions. They will not tolerate wrinkles around the lips or fuzzy contour. Source: letidor.ru