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Editors' Choice: Best Mascara.

Editors' Choice: Best Mascara.
1. Inexpensive, but very decent mascara with dramatic effect Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Vivienne Sabo (373 rub.)

2. Mascara with the false lash effect from Russian makeup artist Sergey Naumov, separates eyelashes, does not crumble and stays firmly all day SUPREMATIC Ultra Black Sergey Naumov (1990 rub.)

3. The perfect mascara for those who do not like to do makeup at all and especially to wash it off - looks very delicate on eyelashes and is easily washed off with water High Impact Clinique (2050 rub.)

4. Mascara that nourishes the eyelashes, prevents fragility, does not weigh and does not glue the eyelashes No Mascara Mascara Perricone MD (3500 rub.)

5. Water resistant mascara that will withstand even tears, but despite this it can be washed off with warm water STOP Painting Your Lashes Blinc (2100 rub.)

6. Another sweat-proof and smudge-proof mascara, which is easily washed off with warm water Lash Volumiser 38°C Sensai (2370 rub.)

7. Universal mascara for any type of eyelashes and makeup preferences from Russian makeup artist Olga Romanova Sexy Ultimate Lashes Mascara Romanovamakeup (1270 rubles)

8. Spherical brush with multi-level bristles of high quality ensures perfect coating of each eyelash from root to tip Mina The Ultra Lengthening Mascara 3INA (936 rub.) Mina The Ultra Lengthening Mascara 3INA (936 rub.)

9. Mascara with enriched formula of an eyelash growth activator and a specially designed brush not only instantly lengthens the eyelashes and gives them a beautiful curl, but also stimulates a natural increase in their length Be Long Mascara Сlarins (2300 rub.)

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