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ProKit #1 Romanovamakeup Silk Lashes

"ProKit #1 It consists of S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5 models. Contains all the most versatile types of eyelashes. Ideal for the natural makeup look. The kit includes: S-1 Silk eyelashes are soft, light and airy. Lash hairs gradually lengthen to the outer edges to create an illusion of elongated eye shape. When it comes to eyelashes every millimeter is precious! S-1 silk lashes embody femininity, if you intend to enhance your natural beauty then these eyelashes are for you! Suitable for almond-shaped, narrow, small, Asian, large, round eyes. Perfectly adjust the droopy eyelids. S-2 A bold extension to the outer corner of the eye effectively pulls out the eye shape and makes any makeup seductively fatal. The effect of thick and voluminous eyelashes with lengthening to the outer corner makes these eyelashes ideal for dramatic smoky eyes, сat eye looks in the 50s and 70s style. Suitable for large, round, Asian, almond-shaped eyes. S-3 This is a choice of fashionistas because S-3 model gives the doll eye effect. The combination of shape, length, and volume with well-curled eyelashes make this model ideal for the perfect nude, bridal, anti-aging and smoky eye makeup looks. Suitable for almond-shaped, narrow, Asian eyes and hooded eyelid correction. S-4 One of the most versatile models of the silk lashes collection. A soft natural shape with a slight lengthening to the outer corner will most naturally enhance your beauty. The effect of lengthening and volumizing real eyelashes makes S-4 model ideal for a natural wedding and anti-aging makeup with an emphasis on the eyelashes. They also perfectly complement the eyeliner and bold smoky eyes. Suitable for all eye shapes. This model is ideal for narrow, small, almond-shaped, Asian eyes and hooded eyelid correction. These eyelashes pull up the round eyes and add natural volume and length at the outer corner to large eyes. S-5 Eyelashes S-5 have a pronounced elongation to the outer corner of the eye. Perfect for creating natural cat eye makeup. Thanks to the interesting tangle of hairs, these eyelashes are self-sufficient. Ideal as an independent accent in makeup, for example with a small flick and bold red lips."

About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup is the first designer cosmetics brand in Russia created by a professional makeup artist. For many years Olga Romanova is one of the most demanded makeup artists and beauty experts on the Russian market. Work in the frame on the transformations as a beauty specialist in the popular TV shows on STS channel “Catch up in 24 hours” and “Rogov. Studio 24” vividly proves the power of makeup, and the long-term work with our show business stars makes her truly a celebrity makeup artist. It is her spectacular makeup looks worn by singers Keti Topuria and Elka. So, for many years of working together, both stars have become beauty experts of the brand, and as a result, the creation of a number of joint products. The main values of Romanovamakeup brand are female beauty and personality, as well as ease of use, versatility, professional quality and durability. The best factories and modern laboratories in Germany, Italy, and Korea are selected for production.
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17.06.2019 17:25:01
Обожаю реснички Романова! Самые удобные на свете!
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