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Blending brush for cream or powder formulas S22

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Annbeauty Katakana S22 brush has a unique beveled shape and assembly. The bristles are not very tightly packed, they are soft and airy, making it easy to apply and blend products such as blush, sculptor, bronzer, highlighter and also suitable for applying powder. The brush easily adapts to the shape of the face, which greatly accelerates the application and blending of makeup. Material - duo fiber (goat hair class A+ and high-quality synthetic) Hair length - 34 mm Hair width - 25 mm Hair Thickness - 10 mm Brush length - 172 mm Brushes in Katakana series are primarily positioned as brushes for makeup artists. Performed in a minimalist Japanese style, they have unusual, exclusive shapes, an elongated and lightweight handle that simplifies and speeds up the creation of makeup. In this series, traditionally for all Annbeauty brushes, high-quality, natural, hypoallergenic goat hair of class A+ is used, which gives it a special softness, does not scratch and does not irritate the skin. The wooden handle is covered with a durable, matte black finish. Ferrul, in the brushes of this series, is like a continuation of the handle, like the brush itself is a continuation of the master's hand. The longest series of Annbeauty brushes, which is constantly evolving and changing.

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