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about 29.76 $

Meet the new updated format of our Sexy Sculpting Cream - 2 times more packaging, which means that your favorite product will last you much longer! Our sculpting cream in a special texture, which is easily applied by an airy layer without stains and stripes, creating a very natural shadow enhancement effect. The face becomes more precise, and the contour lines are sharper. At first glance, the product looks very rich and dark in the packaging, but it is low-pigmented, and when applied to the skin lies translucent, very delicate layer, merging with the skin and as if dissolving in it. Since the texture is easy to layer, it can also be used for more saturated, contrasting contouring, if there is such a desire. In our collection, there is another lighter and cooler shade called LIGHT. Therefore, the classic, your usual shade of the sculpting cream is now called MEDIUM. MEDIUM – a universal neutral shade, with a light warm undertone, perfectly adapts to any skin tone. 8 g.

Нанесите SEXY SCULPTING CREAM по линии скул, подбородка, на височные впадины и линию роста волос. Чтобы сделать нос более утонченным, нанесите на боковые спинки и кончик носа.
About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup - cosmetics that emphasize your unique beauty, given to you by nature! Incredibly comfortable textures, universal shades, ease of use, durability and professional quality will make you fall in love from the first use of any brand product. The brand has gained confidence among all the top professional makeup artists in Russia, and thanks to its convenience of use, acquires great popularity in Russia and abroad. Each new Romanovamakeup product reflects current makeup trends and becomes an absolute bestseller.
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