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Sexy Cream Blush
Luxurious cream blush that can give a freshness and healthy glow to your skin in one touch! Light and airy creamy texture instantly absorbs into the skin and becomes invisible, leaving only a natural healthy blush and glow on the skin. The universal SHINY PEACH shade with light-reflecting particles adapts absolutely to any type, suitable for both light-skinned and tanned women, blondes, brunettes and redheads. It instantly gives the skin a natural glow and hue with any intensity, from light and natural to saturated. Cream blush will emphasize the youthfulness of young skin and create an anti-age effect on the mature skin. Tiny golden-platinum light-reflecting particles gives the cheeks a beautiful shimmer and create the effect of elastic smooth skin.
✔BABY FACE - юношеский румянец - улыбнитесь и нанесите на щечки-яблочки, легкая полупрозрачная текстура скользит по вашей коже, мгновенно придавая свежесть.
✔Для модного эффекта дрейпинга нанесите на щечки-яблочки и растушуйте к вискам по верхней линии скул.
✔Трендовый монохром - выполненный в одном оттенке, сейчас очень актуален. Нанесите кремовые румяна Sexy Cream Blusher в оттенке Shiny Peach на щечки, веки и немного на губы – предлагаю вам взять этот вариант на заметку в качестве новой интерпретации натурального освежающего повседневного макияжа.

 Техника нанесения: - Рекомендую вам наносить воздушными растушевывающими движениями с помощью нежной пушистой кисти из высококачественной синтетики или натуральной козы, например Annbeauty A3 или A7. - Продукт можно использовать на чистую кожу, на тональный крем, а так же на пудру.
About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup is the first designer cosmetics brand in Russia created by a professional makeup artist. For many years Olga Romanova is one of the most demanded makeup artists and beauty experts on the Russian market. Work in the frame on the transformations as a beauty specialist in the popular TV shows on STS channel “Catch up in 24 hours” and “Rogov. Studio 24” vividly proves the power of makeup, and the long-term work with our show business stars makes her truly a celebrity makeup artist. It is her spectacular makeup looks worn by singers Keti Topuria and Elka. So, for many years of working together, both stars have become beauty experts of the brand, and as a result, the creation of a number of joint products. The main values of Romanovamakeup brand are female beauty and personality, as well as ease of use, versatility, professional quality and durability. The best factories and modern laboratories in Germany, Italy, and Korea are selected for production.
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