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Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet Bestseller
Today, cool brown shades on the lips are back in fashion from the 90s, and not just on Instagram and the catwalks, but also in real life. Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet in the shade PRALINE is an ultra-trendy beige-brown shade with a hint of gray, which thanks to the right combination of pigments is suitable for every age and every type of appearance. Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet is very easy to use, with just one product you can make a lip contour and apply lipstick. Its texture is soft, flexible and does not dry out the delicate skin of the lips. During the first minutes after application, the density of the lipstick can be varied and it blends easily. It then it becomes so long-lasting that you can not take care of makeup throughout the day.

Для лёгкого nude-эффекта заштрихуйте карандашом середину губ и распределите цвет по всей поверхности подушечками пальцев.

Для яркого цветового акцента на губах заточите карандаш, тщательно прорисуйте контур и заполните цветом всю поверхность.

About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup is the first designer cosmetics brand in Russia created by a professional makeup artist. For many years Olga Romanova is one of the most demanded makeup artists and beauty experts on the Russian market. Work in the frame on the transformations as a beauty specialist in the popular TV shows on STS channel “Catch up in 24 hours” and “Rogov. Studio 24” vividly proves the power of makeup, and the long-term work with our show business stars makes her truly a celebrity makeup artist. It is her spectacular makeup looks worn by singers Keti Topuria and Elka. So, for many years of working together, both stars have become beauty experts of the brand, and as a result, the creation of a number of joint products. The main values of Romanovamakeup brand are female beauty and personality, as well as ease of use, versatility, professional quality and durability. The best factories and modern laboratories in Germany, Italy, and Korea are selected for production.
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Nadezda Khatuntseva
03.06.2019 15:29:12
Замечательная помада. ПРи хорошей стойкости - совершенно не сушит губы. В сочетании с Беллини - дает цвет ВАУ!!! Небольшой нюанс, цвет Пралине имеет небольшое содержание серого пигмента. Достаточно своеобразно, но красиво!!!
04.07.2019 09:11:32
Добрый день!Хочу оставить свой восторженный отзов о губной помаде SexyLipstick Pen Praline...Девочки, это восторг с первого взгляда, оттенок невероятный, ложиться мягко, не сушит губы, не скатывается, стойкая, что еще доя счастья девичьего сердца нужно?)))Спасибо Ольга, за заботу о нас, девочках!
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