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Caramel Glam - the warm nude shade of KETIONE lipstick pen perfectly complements the lip liner in FASHION GIRL. The kit includes two products: Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet in KETIONE; Sexy Contour Lip Liner in FASHION GIRL. Sexy Lipstick Pen KETIONE. This shade is named after the personal brand of my favorite singer and client - Keti Topuria. Especially for her, I created this trendy coffee caramel shade. Sexy Lipstick Pen Velvet is very easy to use, with just one product you can make a lip contour and apply lipstick. Its texture is soft, flexible and does not dry out the delicate skin of the lips. During the first minutes after application, the density of the lipstick can be varied and it blends easily. It then becomes so long-lasting that you can not take care of makeup throughout the day. Sexy Contour Lipliner FASHION GIRL. Like high fashion, makeup trends are cyclical: following the last fashion weeks, we can see that a clean, precise lip contour is again at the peak of popularity. My new product is exactly for this kind of makeup - Sexy Contour Lip Liner in FASHION GIRL. It's texture is very flexible. This lip liner is ideal not only for giving a clear shape to the lips together with KETIONE lipstick, but also for use as an independent product. Outline the lips, fill the inside of the contour and blend with the built-in brush. Thus, it is possible to achieve a very light, but at the same time precise makeup.

About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup - cosmetics that emphasize your unique beauty, given to you by nature! Incredibly comfortable textures, universal shades, ease of use, durability and professional quality will make you fall in love from the first use of any brand product. The brand has gained confidence among all the top professional makeup artists in Russia, and thanks to its convenience of use, acquires great popularity in Russia and abroad. Each new Romanovamakeup product reflects current makeup trends and becomes an absolute bestseller.
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