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Sexy Gloss Tint
MIMISHELINI is an It-tint created for the famous blogger and model Miranda Shelia (@mimishelini). Her image very vividly reflects the desires of modern young women, the cool beige brown shade is very seductive and at the same time naturally-looking on the lips. This is the most complex tint from the entire collection, the gloss has a beige tone, and the tint absorbs into the lips and paints them in a sensual berry. Such an unusual and original combination makes you fall in love with during the first application! A universal 2-in-1 product that combines glossy shine effect with long-lasting tint that absorbs into the skin. The formula is rich in pigments and the texture allows it not to smudge and stay on the lips for many hours. Unlike classical and peel off lip tints, this product quickly absorbs into the lips, leaves a clear contour and color, and creates the effect of tattooed lips. Despite its persistent texture Sexy Gloss Tint feels comfortable on the lips. The range of tints is diverse and includes both bright juicy and delicate nude shades.
Если вы хотите яркого изысканного эффекта, нанесите SEXY GLOSS TINT более плотным слоем и подождите несколько секунд, пока текстура впитается и ваши губы окутает глянец, создав интенсивный блеск. Или нанесите каплю блеска на центр губ и растушуйте подушечками пальцев, лёгкая текстура немедленно впитается в губы, создавая нежный цвет на губах и мгновенно освежая образ. И наконец, нанесите блеск тонким слоем с помощью аппликатора, подождите несколько секунд и промокните салфеткой, вы получите очень яркий и в тоже время естественный цвет на губах, словно эффект от татуажа.
About Romanovamakeup
Romanovamakeup is the first designer cosmetics brand in Russia created by a professional makeup artist. For many years Olga Romanova is one of the most demanded makeup artists and beauty experts on the Russian market. Work in the frame on the transformations as a beauty specialist in the popular TV shows on STS channel “Catch up in 24 hours” and “Rogov. Studio 24” vividly proves the power of makeup, and the long-term work with our show business stars makes her truly a celebrity makeup artist. It is her spectacular makeup looks worn by singers Keti Topuria and Elka. So, for many years of working together, both stars have become beauty experts of the brand, and as a result, the creation of a number of joint products. The main values of Romanovamakeup brand are female beauty and personality, as well as ease of use, versatility, professional quality and durability. The best factories and modern laboratories in Germany, Italy, and Korea are selected for production.
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05.06.2019 22:01:32
Добрый день! Приобретаю второй раз данный тинт ми ми ми цвета, потому что лучше я ничего не пробовала и данный продукт стоит каждого рубля. Ощущение что ничем больше красить губы не нужно, этот продукт лежит и выглядит идеально, большое спасибо за это!
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