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Sexy Eyebrow Mascara

Sexy Eyebrow Mascara in BLONDE is a natural cream shade created especially for blondes. Rare of its kind, a light shade of mascara perfectly accentuates your eyebrows without weighing them down! This eyebrow mascara is a new generation product for fans of natural-looking makeup. Due to its soft texture and comfortable brush, it is easy to distribute it through the hairs. The product has two shades. Legendary TAUPE, beloved by the global makeup artists and fashionistas, is valued for its versatility - it fits any hair color and skin tone. Cream BLONDE was created specifically for a bright Slavic appearance, the warm light shade on the eyebrows looks exactly the same as in a tube. Perfect for au naturel makeup. The pigment paints not so much the skin as the hairs themselves. The main bonus of this mascara is persistence - it lasts without exaggeration for a whole day, but it washes off very simply with ordinary micellar water.
Совет от Ольги Романовой: "Это средство я отношу к разряду мультифункциональных. Обладательницам густых бровей достаточно нанести тушь в один-два слоя чтобы придать волоскам объем.
Девушки, кому необходимо дорисовывать волоски, могут не отказывать себе в удовольствии нанести тени или карнадаш, а тушь использовать в качестве финиша.
В обоих случаях начинайте прокрашивать волоски с внешнего уголка брови, постепенно продвигаясь к центру.
Основной акцент должен быть сосредоточен на «хвосте» брови чтобы не получить эффект угрюмого лица."
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Romanovamakeup - cosmetics that emphasize your unique beauty, given to you by nature! Incredibly comfortable textures, universal shades, ease of use, durability and professional quality will make you fall in love from the first use of any brand product. The brand has gained confidence among all the top professional makeup artists in Russia, and thanks to its convenience of use, acquires great popularity in Russia and abroad. Each new Romanovamakeup product reflects current makeup trends and becomes an absolute bestseller.
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